Amed Area Dive & Snorkel sites

Amed area dive- & snorkel sites are characterized by incredible diversity and a healthy marine life. 

Amed Dive Center is based in Amed – Bali, right in the middle of many excellent dive and snorkeling sites. Our house reef  “Amed Ghost Bay” features ghost pipefish, frogfish, nudis, shrimps and seahorses and is excellent for muck diving and underwater photography.

Bali offers a variety of excellent and diverse diving and snorkeling spots that offer fun and adventure for divers of all experience levels. Photographers come from all over the world to take pictures of the rare species that are here in Bali. Certainly snorkeling and diving in Bali is a great experience and there is much more to see than just the famous US Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben.

There are so many great snorkel- and dive sites around Bali, don’t miss it!

Visit Bali, come to Amed and let us show you the beauty of Bali’s marine life.
Bali map with dive sites
map Amed dive & snorkel sites

Amed Dive Center is located right in the center of many excellent dive sites that can be reached within a short time by car or boat.

Amed area Dive and Snorkel Sites

8. Batu Niti

We approach Batu Niti by boat. Deep divers may dive up to 50 meters or more. We find here turtles, barracuda and many other species in an area that is covered with beautiful hard coral, sponge, gorgonian and sea fan. Here in Batu Niti we saw Mola Mola, the famous Sunfish!

sponge at Batu Niti dive site
Mola Mola (sunfish) at Batu Niti dive site
school of barracuda at dive site

9. Batu Dawa

We approach Batu Dawa by boat. The dive site is located next to the pearl farming area north of Amed. We usually dive down to around 30m and have a good chance to encounter reef sharks, turtles and barracudas. The wall is covered with hard coral and large sponges.

coral fish at Batu Dawa dive site
sea turtle at Batu Dawa dive site
reef shark at Batu Dawa dive site

10. Amed Ghost Bay

Amed Ghost Bay is located right in front of Hotel Uyah Amed & Spa  Resort and Amed Dive Center and we regard it as our house reef.  From Amed Dive Center we simply walk to the beach and dive Amed  Ghost Bay, where you can see our artificial reef that Amed Dive  Center is building since 2003. (For details please see  ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVITIES). Rare species like the clown frog fish, different kinds of ghost pipe fish, mimic octopuses, huge stone fishes, amazing crabs, tiny juvenile lion fishes, seahorse, razor fish, just to mention a few, can be found at Amed Ghost Bay. Photographers from all over the world come here to take pictures of these rarely found species. Visit Bali, come to Amed and check it out.

frog fish at Amed Ghost Bay dive site
Harlequin shrimp at Amed Ghost Bay dive site
Nudi Branch at Amed Ghost Bay dive site
mimic octopus at Amed Ghost Bay dive site

11. Amed Pyramids

Amed Pyramids is one of the most popular dive sites of Amed, Bali. At Amed Pyramid dive site you find of a natural coral reef combined with an artificial reef consisting of pyramids made of hollow concrete blocks, constructed by Balinese diving associations in 1995. The 20 pyramids of various sizes are teeming with life. You find shrimps, moray eel, lionfish, scorpionfish, pygmy seahorse and octopus. It is likely to encounter green turtles, blue spotted stingrays and a large variety of nudibranches. A paradise for underwater photographers!  Late afternoon there is a good chance to see reef sharks, barracudas and giant trevallys patrolling the area.

artificial reef at pyramids dive site
diver at Amed pyramids dive site

11a. Amed little wall

From Amed Pyramids we may continue to dive Amed little wall. Amed little wall is a drop off, about 25m deep and just perfect for a second dive. The highlight is a pinnacle, which erects from a depth of 25m forming a scenic swim-through at 20m. The 5 m safety stop is highly entertaining. This dive is a drift dive with a mild current. The following boat picks the divers up and makes the dive very comfortable

coral at Amed little wall dive site
coral fish at Batu Dawa dive site

12. Amed Wall

From Amed village we go by traditional Jukung (outrigger boat), or speed boat to the dive site at Jemeluk, where we start diving in a shallow area of 3 to 8m in a wonderful coral garden. You may see turtles, parrotfish and a huge variety of smaller creatures. A moderate current will guide us in about 10 min to the drop off, which drops to a depth of 35m. It is beautifully grown with soft coral and any possible species of reef fish can be found there. White- and black-tip reef sharks pop in occasionally to patrol their feeding ground. At a depth of 27 m is a sandy field highly populated with blue-spotted stingrays. The coral garden starts right off the beach in Jemeluk and is one of Bali’s best snorkelling areas.

sea farn at Amed wall dive site
coral at Amed wall dive site

13. Congkang Beach

Congang Beach is the extension of Amed wall and is approached with our dive boat. This wall drops off to a depth of 45m and we dive it in a nice and convenient drift dive. We usually see sharks, barracudas, lobster, turtles and sting rays.

coral and coral fish
sea turtle
school of fish

14. Barracuda Point

We approach Barracuda Point with our speed boat. We jump into the water at an extensive eel garden and dive down to a depth of about 35m. Between large sponges we drift through a remarkable spectacle of fish. Huge barracudas outnumber and outsize the reef sharks that don’t seem to be too shy to come and have a closer look. Large moray eels and stingrays inhabit the reef and even the sunfish mola mola occasionally appears here. This dive site is just a must for all lovers of big fish!

school of barracuda at dive site
moray eel at dive site

15. Blue Moon

We approach Blue Moon by our boat. Blue Moon is one of our favorite dive spots because we drift through a fish soup in beautiful scenery with under water canyons. Sponges in spectacular sizes are scattered around and all kinds of hard coral are found here. Sharks, large moray eels, napoleon fish, sting rays and even occasionally bullrays appear in this area. The 5m stop is gorgeous being surrounded by thousands of little, colorful reef fish.

underwater canyon at blue moon dive site
diving & snorkeling - eagle ray at blue moon dive site
sponge at Batu Niti dive site

16. Javanese (mostly called Japanese) Ship Wreck

We usually approach the Javanese ship wreck by our dive boat but it is also possible to go there by car and dive straight from the beach. A rather small (about 10 meter long) wooden ship wreck (we think it is fishing boat that came from Java) is lying just a few meters from the beach on a depth of just a few meters in a beautiful coral garden and is therefore also a perfect spot for snorkeling. Divers usually go around the corner and dive deeper to about 25m with a fair chance to encounter an eagle ray or two. Napoleon fish, turtles, striped catfish, sting rays, sea fan and nudibranches can bee seen at the Javanese ship wreck.

coral at japanese shipwreck
coral at dive site
coral at wreck

17. Kusambi

We approach Kusambi by our boat. Kusambi is special for its spectacular soft corals but has usually quite a strong current. It is worth the effort because this dive site is special indeed. Sting rays, eagle rays and sharks inhabit this area as well as gorgonians, sponges and sea fans.

coral at Kusambi dive site
sea farn at Amed

18. Gili Selang

We approach Gili Selang by our boat. Gili Selang is a huge rock right at the most eastern point of Bali. This dive site is beautiful for its location and its soft corals but fierce currents make it quite tricky for the diver. We have to check the tide and the conditions carefully before we dive this spot. It offers reward with its huge under water rocks covered with colorful soft coral and surrounded by all kinds of fish.

coral and coral fish
butterfly fish at amed dive site

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